ABEC Introduces the Industry’s Largest Single Use Bioreactors

ABEC today announced the completion of testing and release to market of its large scale Custom Single Run™ (CSR™) Bioreactor train. The train includes a 3,500 liter working volume (4,300 liter total volume) production bioreactor, the largest single use bioreactor available in the industry.

The CSR™ Bioreactor product line can be custom engineered for any working volume in the range of 50 liters to 3,500 liters. Consistent with the key CSR™ benefit of process scalability, the 3,500 liter volume nearly doubles the current state of the art, while delivering performance comparable to stainless steel systems. In contrast, other disposable bioreactors currently on the market top out at ≤ 2,000 liters, generally with poorer mixing and mass transfer performance compared to stainless steel systems. As such, the 3,500 liter CSR™ can deliver significantly more product per square foot of floor space; a key metric in high value multiproduct biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

Given ABEC’s long history in engineering systems for commercial scale manufacturing, the CSR™ Bioreactor products are also specifically designed for ease of use and high reliability. Packaging and loading of CSR™ Disposable Containers (DC’s) has been simplified for faster turnaround and lower risk of damage. Additionally, ABEC has taken steps to further reduce production risk by establishing complete in-house DC manufacturing capability with full supply chain transparency, as announced earlier this year.

Commenting on today’s announcement ABEC’s CEO Scott Pickering said: “ABEC is committed to providing complete single use, multiuse, and hybrid solutions that enable production. Our large-scale CSR™ Bioreactor capability further demonstrates ABEC’s focus on addressing shortcomings in current single use technology that have limited its adoption for commercial manufacturing.”